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Are there really such things as Aliens?

David found something strange on one of his hikes. A place where he saw aliens fly in on their spaceships with family and pets. Join David as he tells you all about his adventure.



Published by Whitebird Publications

Written by David Von Kotzebue


As you know, all fairies and pixies are incredibly fragile little beings, so they need to take extra special care of themselves. But that does not stop this little fairy princess or her friends from having lots of fun in their enchanted forest. They have all the time in the world to chat with the talking flowers, goblins and toadstools, when they come across a very old tree who warns the friends that they are being followed. Prince Kian bravely sneaks off to investigate, but it is Little Princess Heidi that saves the day!



Published by Whitebird Publications

Written by S V Marshall


Written by Karen Renshaw, this charming story follows intrepid reporter Princess Phoebe Sparkle and her car Betsy as she reports on all the amazing events happening in Shineygo.

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