Farewell Venus

I was shocked to learn of the sudden and unexpected passing of the creative tour-de-force and 'ink witch' Venus DeMileage just before the start of the new year. Something that I still haven't really come to terms with. A glance at her now truncated Twitter timeline is a very sad reminder that this is indeed all true.

During 2014 we shared a great deal of creative energy, showing each other the stages of new projects and sharing ideas and inspiring each other to create more, despite our opposite styles. She had a great love of words as well as a love of stationary - similar to myself. With pots of pens and notebooks aplenty, we seemed to be on such the same wavelength that I genuinely felt that she was a female version of myself!

We had planned to meet up and spend a few days brainstorming ideas and planning where to take them, I was fully expecting my brain to pop with the amount of ideas that would have come from it, but sadly this never came to be as she had family matters to deal with and as she put it herself 'life got in the way'. Family does come first after all. I was in awe of her style of illustration and the detail she put into every single one and I also loved her take on life. Venus would look at the darker side of life and yet she loved my cheery-faced Thumbles as they were such a complete contrast to the work she did which made her enjoy them all the more.

It's very rare in life to come into contact with someone like that, such passion, skill, a creative brain that would reach out in many directions like a fork of lightning and not forgetting that roaring, filthy sense of humour and fun. Even though we knew each other for a relatively short period of time her passing has left a big hole in my creative soul such was the impact she had. Just two days before her passing I contacted her to see if we could finally meet up during 2015, but now this will never be and I feel all the more sadder for it.

Farewell Venus De Mileage. Juliette. I'll miss you



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