Ideas, ideas, ideas

I made the mistake the other evening of looking in my little book of ideas. Do you have one of those? Well, it wasn't a mistake as such as I wanted to jot down an idea for a book, but the mistake was reading all the other ideas I'd already jotted down. Work is busy at the moment - which is great - and I often wonder if I will ever have enough time to do something with these ideas. There are some book ideas, some characters, even a radio play idea in there. If I lived to 157 or didn't have the need for sleep then I might get around to them all. I've come to the conclusion though that it's highly possible that I may never have enough time to do them all, even though I like them all (naturally) and even if I had finished the very last one, it's that cruel twist of being creative that I will undoubtedly come up with more ideas as I'm ploughing through these ones, so I must live with the fact that I won't be able to see them all come to fruition. Would anyone like to buy my ideas off me??


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