I have to confess my love for 4 women from Norway! I only came across them quite by accident earlier this year but I was blown away with their music and their talent too plus they have a love for the old Fred Quimby cartoons! I went to my first gig of theirs on Tuesday the 17th and it was absolutely amazing! I even got to meet them too and they were so charming and kind. To quote Hollis Rodney Williams "IMHO - Katzenjammer IS the greatest AMAZING, ANCIENT, BLUEGRASS, BLUES, CABARET, CARTOON, CELTIC, COMIC, COUNTRY, CREATIVE, "DRIVING", EXPERIENTIAL, FOLK, GYPSY, HIP HOP, HONKY TONK, JAZZ, LYRICAL, MODERN, NORDIC, NORWEGIAN, POP, RAP, ROCK, ROMANTIC, SCANDINAVIAN, SINGING, SKA, SWING, VAUDEVILLE, WOMEN band in the whole m*therf*cking world!!!!!" and I think he sums them up perfectly! Go check them out on Youtube or visit their website www.katzenjammer.no

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