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This book is designed to encourage a change of perspective and a more positive frame of mind in a difficult world. It includes sayings to live your life by, positive affirmations, puzzles, tasks, and even a colouring page. Suitable for children and adults.

* * * * *

read this book with my daughter and we both loved it, making it a great book for different generations to share. It is a book that makes you feel happy. I love the positive quotes and the activities that encourage you to reflect on your feelings and achievements. A great book to encourage you to look on the bright side of life. We all need some positivity in our life especially during the current climate and this book will definitely bring a smile to your face. We especially loved the black and white illustrations and the super cute little character bringing joy to each page.
Helen and Becca Dewhurst, mum and daughter.

* * * * *

I love it.. it is really something special. I am totally in love with the words and the wee creature.
Fiona Hunter

* * * * *

This clever and personable little book which is open to all ages, encourages the reader to think about where you are in life, how you are coping, how to balance yourself by encouraging change for the positive and affirm all that is good within yourself. Vaux, a very popular artist and illustrator, brings to life a character we can all find within ourselves, with a little help, guiding you and prompting thought. Printed in monochrome, it immediately hints that there are two sides to look at things, but it coaches you to bring out the positive with cute little drawings, one attributed to artist Bob Ross, alongside passages of encouragement. Each page affirms the good things in life, and helps you appreciate others in ways that you perhaps have not considered, but mainly, helps you to appreciate yourself which you may not have done in a while.The book is ageless as we can all learn from this and the penultimate page is a page to colour in, taking time for ourselves, something we all need to do on occasions. Another page, a word search of positivity again, takes you away from the mundane and gives you a few moments for yourself a breather as it where from the hectic and complicated lives we all lead whether you are 5 or 95.This is very suitable to the Montessori method of teaching a system which encourages individuality and positive affirmation in all its teaching but, at the same time has a rather endearing little character helping your self-esteem as you read to the end.Turn the last page and the real message is there. If you feel that you are low, need a bit of encouragement or have a child lacking in self-confidence then this is perhaps the book for you.
Carole E Ballard

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